HISTORY: Since 1951

The “Antica Bottega Roticiani” was founded by our father Roberto in 1951 still today the “bottega”produces genuine cured meats of the highest quality, following the umbrian traditional processing methods and original recipes, which have been handed down over the years from our grandfather Norcino to us grandchildren Fausta and Paolo.

Only the dedication of those who feel this legacy on themselves has made it possible to guarantee ever-increasing quality over the years, achieving ambitious goals.

The use of first choice meats combined with the skilful dosage of spices, aromatic herbs make Roticiani cured meats a unique product, synonymous with excellence and authenticity.

With the same passion we prepare our special products like the Porchetta and our fabulous Hamburgers of Chianina meat.

Passion, respect for tradition and strong bond with the territory are the values ​​on which the production philosophy of this historic company from Orvieto is based, which as a small village reality wants to make everyone know the quality even in the simplest foods.